On March 11th and 12th, 2015 SOUTHLAND had the opportunity to teach school bus safety to a record 3,600 grade five and six students at the 12th annual Safety Expo. Hosted by The City of Calgary in collaboration with community, not-for-profit, and corporate organizations, The Safety Expo is the only event of its kind in Calgary. Students learn about safety hazards posed by fire, electricity, and household poisons. They learn ways to protect themselves from vulnerable situations and how to stay safe online. They also pick up practical skills like bike and tire repair. These lessons and more are delivered through fun, interactive displays, and workshops, all of which meet the requirements of the Alberta Education Health and Wellness curriculum.

SOUTHLAND used a unique method to teach kids about school bus safety. This was done through an interactive Mario Kart demonstration played on a Nintendo Wii. The kids played the game to simulate a driving experience, while the two presenters attempted to distract them. This allowed them to better understand how disruptions on the bus can distract their bus driver, and to always be a safe rider!