Highfield Operations



Montgomery Wingham Ontario


Calgary - Highfield

Calgary – Highfield Administration

823 Highfield Avenue SE

Calgary, AB T2G 4C7

Phone: 403.287.1395

Fax: 403.243.6759

Calgary – Highfield Operations

65 Highfield Place SE

Calgary, AB T2G 4Z7

Phone: 403.287.1335

Fax: 403.243.7188

Charters Phone: 403.398.2244

Charters Fax: 403.450.9925

*For all media inquires, please contact Pamela Deadmarsh, Communications and Recruitment Manager

Phone: 403.287.1335, ext. 242


Calgary - Spruce Meadows

Spruce Meadows Dispatch

18009 Tournament Lane SW

Calgary, AB T2N 0B4

Phone: 403.873.7268

Fax: 403.873.7281

Calgary - McKnight

McKnight Dispatch

4713 84 St NE

Calgary, AB T3J 4A8

Phone: 403.205.6688

Fax: 403.205.6699

Calgary - Recruiting - Ogden

Ogden Recruiting

4105 13A Street SE

Calgary, AB T2G 3J6

Phone: 403.253.9322

Fax: 403.253.9303

Calgary - Ogden

Ogden Dispatch

4029 Ogden Road SE

Calgary, AB T2G 4N6

Phone: 403.253.9323

Fax: 403.441.0739

Ogden Recruiting

4105 13A Street SE

Calgary, AB T2G 3J6

Phone: 403.253.9322

Fax: 403.253.9303


Cochrane Operations

216 Griffin Road

Cochrane, AB T4C 1C6

Phone: 403.932.7100

Fax: 403.932.7102

Lethbridge Operations

Lethbridge Operations

208 Cox Drive, Stewart Siding Industrial Park

Lethbridge, AB T1J 4P4

Phone: 403.526.4655

Fax: 403.526.4680




Medicine Hat

Medicine Hat Operations

3314 17 Ave. SW

Medicine Hat, AB T1B 4B2

Phone: 403.526.4655

Fax: 403.526.4680



Okotoks Operations

117 Stockton Point

Box 735

Okotoks, AB  T1S 2C3

Phone: 403.938.3966

Fax: 403.938.3930


Rockyford Operations

501 Serviceberry Trail

Rockyford, AB T0J 2R0

Phone: 403.533.3959

Fax: 403.533.2472


Edmonton Operations

Edmonton Operations

13503 149 Street NW

Edmonton, AB T5L 2T3

Phone: 780.455.8222

Fax: 780.465.6788

North Battleford Operations

North Battleford Operations

82 5 Avenue Industrial

North Battleford, SK S0M 0E0

Phone: 306.937.3750

Fax: 306.937.3721

Humboldt Operations

Humboldt Operations

10210 9 Avenue

Humboldt, Sask  S0K 2A0

Phone: 855.682.5715

Fax: 306.682.0755



SOUTHLAND Transportation serves these communities across Southern Alberta, Northern Alberta, and Saskatchewan

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