SOUTHLAND Saskatchewan has partnered with George Gordon First Nation to launch a successful joint venture in the Saskatoon, Regina, and Humboldt areas.

Wicehtowak Employee Transportation Ltd provides Industrial and Employee Motorcoach transportation services to BHP Billiton and the natural resource sector throughout the province.

They also offer airport shuttles, transportation logistics consulting, and industrial onsite shuttle service. Wicehtowak Employee Transportation has the management capacity, economic resources and staff ability to exceed customer service expectations.

BHP Billiton has a major presence in Saskatchewan, with a majority of its operations on George Gordon First Nation treaty land. Wicehtowak Employee Transportation and Southland Saskatchewan work together to promote the Nation’s sustainability and its vision of economic and community development.

Wicehtowak means “working together in partnership” in Cree. Southland Saskatchewan is committed to strengthening this relationship, which offers George Gordon members a unique opportunity to start a career in transportation.

For more information on the George Gordon First Nation, visit ggfn.ca.