Medicine Hat Catholic Routes

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St. Patrick's School

Route NameDistrictsMapNotes
St. Patrick’s 1Hamptons, South Ridge, VistaView Map
St. Patrick’s 2Desert Blume, SaamisView Map

St. Mary's School

Route NameDescriptionMapNotes
St. Mary’s 1Desert Blume, Saamis HeightsView Map
St. Mary’s 2Armouries, Southview, CrestwoodView Map
St. Mary’s 3Somerside, Somerset, Hamptons, Vista, SouthridgeView Map
St. Mary’s 3 - Dunmore PMDunmoreView Map
St. Mary's 4Riverside, Parkview, Ranchlands, 12 St. NE. NW Crescent HeightsView Map
St. Mary's 5Cottonwood, Wildrose Trailer Court, 1st Street, Downtown, Flats, Kingsway, College DriveView Map
St. Mary's 6Brier Park, Northlands, Hatcher, Terrace, 7th Ave NEView Map
St. Mary's 7RedcliffView Map
St. Mary's 8Norwood, Rossglen, Eastglen, Cameron Road (Southview)View Map
St. Mary's 9DunmoreView Map

St. Francis Xavier School

Route NameDescriptionMapNotes
St. Francis Xavier AM & PMNE Crescent Heights, Northlands, Terrace, Ranchlands, ParkviewView Map

Monsignor McCoy High School

Route NameDescriptionMapNotes
McCoy 1Rossglen, Chow Ave, ArmouriesView Map
McCoy 2Rossglen, Taylor, TurnerView Map
McCoy 3Dunmore, Rural, Somerside, SomersetView Map
McCoy 417 Ave, Desert Blume, Vista, Hamptons, Stratton RoadView Map
McCoy 5SouthridgeView Map
McCoy 6Saamis Heights, Seven Persons DriveView Map
McCoy 7College, Crestwood, Park Meadows, Southview, NorwoodView Map
McCoy 8Cottonwood, Tower Estates, SE/SW HillView Map
McCoy 9Northlands, Northland Point, Terrace, Ranchlands, Parkview, FlatsView Map
McCoy 10RedcliffView Map

École St. John Paul the II School
Route NameDescriptionMapNotes
SJP 1SE/SW Hill, Riverside, Parkview, Ranchlands, 12 ST NEView Map
SJP 2Flats, Norwood, Carry Drive, Park Meadows, CollegeView Map
SJP 3Cottonwood, Light Industrial, Tower Estates, Desert Blume, RossglenView Map
SJP 4Light Industrial, Vista, Hamptons, Saamis, SouthridgeView Map
SJP 5Redcliff, Northlands, Hatcher Drive, Terrace, NE Crescent HeightsView Map
SJP 6Dunmore, Rural, SomersideView Map
St. Louis School
Route NameDescriptionMapNotes
St. LouisCottonwood, S.E. Hill, S.FlatsView Map
Notre Dame Academy
Route NameDescriptionMapNotes
Notre Dame 1 AM & PM17 Ave, Tower Estates, SE/SW Hill, Parkview, Ranchlands, McCutcheon DriveView Map
Notre Dame 2 AM & PMFlats, Norwood, Carswell, Carry Drive, Crestwood, CollegeView Map
Notre Dame 3 AM & PM DesertLight Industrial, Tower Estates, Desert Blume, RossglenView Map
Notre Dame 4 AM & PMRedcliff, NE Crescent Heights, TerraceView Map
Notre Dame 5 AM & PMDunmore, SouthlandView Map
Notre Dame 6 Academy AM & PM Sammis HeightsView Map
Notre Dame 7 AM & PMSouthridge, Vista, HamptonsView Map
Mother Teresa School
Route NameDescriptionMapNotes
Mother Teresa SchoolPMCrestwood, Norwood, College, and RossglenView MapFor Map Effective July 22 2022, Click Here.
St. Michael's School
Route NameDescriptionMapNotes
St. Michael’s 1N.E & N.W Crescent Heights, Northlands, Terrace, Ranchlands, Parkview, RiversideView Map
St. Michael’s 2Redcliff, Access Condo’sView Map

Medicine Hat Public School Division

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