My 1st Ride is an event that takes place every year to prepare first time riders. This initiative teaches kids how to safely ride a school bus and informs parents about what to expect in the coming school year. It took place on May 23rd, starting at 9am with the first round of kids and parents in a classroom to watch an interactive presentation put on by SOUTHLAND’S trainers. The kids learned about how to get on and off the bus at the right stops, while parents were taught what to do in case anything goes wrong.  Next, the kids got to ride all by themselves for the first time! This was an exciting and emotional time for both kids and parents. The goal of the event is to reduce stress for parents, kids, and drivers by providing all of the information they need to have a positive experience. Once the bus ride was complete the families headed back into the school to receive addition information about taking the school bus, as well as a certificate and goodie bag for the kids with snacks provided by Co-op.  The kids left feeling accomplished and excited to try it all again in September.