There were big smiles all around yesterday morning as SOUTHLAND Transportation presented Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta a generous donation of $18,727.80. Murray Glass, VP of Student Transportation, was on hand to deliver the cheque to Genine Neufeld and Christine McIver from the Foundation.

SOUTHLAND Transportation is a proud sponsor supplying safe transportation for kids to and from Camp Kindle – which is a special place for children affected by cancer. Kids Cancer Care Foundation runs free camp programs that give kids across Alberta a chance to escape the demands of cancer for outdoor fun and adventure in a safe, caring environment. It also allows them to laugh, dance, make friends, push their limits and just be kids.

The Foundation brought a heartwarming thank you card, signed by kids and parents who will benefit from SOUTHLAND’s donation. We couldn’t be prouder of our partnership with Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta and look forward to hitting the road to Camp Kindle this summer.