What started as a simple social media post nearly five years ago has turned into a real passion project for Southland’s Calgary North Supervisor Nancy Hardy. Nancy started capturing sunrise photos because “our Alberta skies are so big and beautiful. I began by just sending the pictures to my parents, sisters, daughter, and niece to say GOOD MORNING from Alberta.”

She started posting her photos to the Southand Alberta drivers Facebook page for a very simple reason, “the sunrise views I post to the drivers Facebook page are the exact views they all see every morning. They can’t take the pictures because they are driving, so I share mine… it makes my heart happy sharing these pictures.”

Check out a sampling of Nancy’s sunrise collection by clicking on the slideshow below.

Nancy takes the photos from her office window, and from various locations at the McKnight yard. So far, she has posted nearly 250 photos in five years, and the reaction from the drivers has been wonderful.

“The reactions have been overwhelmingly positive. Drivers can relate because they see the sunrise earlier that day, and each one is unique… Our drivers love seeing all the different pictures posted. I plan to switch pictures out as I get new ones developed.”

When asked why she decided to create a special sunrise wall in her office, Nancy simply wanted to spread a little more sunshine.

“I decided to create a sunrise wall on my slanted ceiling in my office because our drivers see these sunrises everyday and they are so beautiful. I just wanted to share them with everyone. The pictures are taken on my iPhone but I do not need to apply any filters or use any apps to edit them, as they are amazing as is. Even still, the real thing is better than anything that could be captured in any picture. I’ve also hung pictures up like a border in our drivers room and in both dispatch offices.”

Drivers don’t even have to be in the office or on the Facebook page to see Nancy’s sunrises, as she will try to share the morning light with those that need it the most. “I even shared pictures with a driver who was in the hospital for about a year, because I knew it was a view he missed. I felt my pictures gave him strength and put a smile on his face. I still send sunrise pictures to drivers that I know who are off sick.”

Thank you, Nancy, for taking the time to help brighten everyone’s day!

“Our skies are so beautiful and the colours change from minute to minute,” Nancy adds. “You have to celebrate every morning we wake up. I am a breast cancer survivor, so every day is a gift!”